Project Detail


ICO Investing Institution, LSC

Instead of focusing or extracting solely capital from our clients, KCS wholeheartedly strives to make our clients happy and prosperous by giving sound advice, working hard and performing our tasks to the very best of our abilities.
Investing on cryptocurrency is high-risk and should be remembered that there are no definite guarantees with regards to returns, profits or potential benefits to clients
Investing in cryptocurrency is specialized area, which requires lots of technical knowledge,insight and strategic management.
Since KCS is convinced that under no circumstances would the value of cryptocurrency deteriorate due to any potential government restrictions, we are confident that cryptocurrency will become a legal currency in future.
By making use of this unique technology behind cryptocurrency, we could achieve the unimaginable which could potentially exceed our wildest dreams and expectations.

KCS has a several roles in cryptocurrency. Not only as a marketer, but also as an investor, a trainer and a director.
KCS will not be drawing up any concrete business plans (white paper), since we would not like restrict ourselves in exploring other potential prosperous business avenues that may arise.
KCS is a company that adapts easily to rapid market changes, and react swiftly and independently as a a current decentralized company.
Should any promising business opportunity emerge, KCS will be the first to draw up quality business plans promptly or to liaise with relevant specialists.
In addition, KCS will ensure that the business plan for KCS is closely related to LSC.

Since KCS believes the trust is earned through our actions and not through our words, KCS pledges to continue our ongoing effort on sustainable and potentially highly profitable business activities so that we can earn trust and respects from each one of our clients.

* white paper, road map will be announced after Private sale
* Due to scamming issue, We are going to open the least of business plans to investors

* Unsold Token is will burn out.
* Listing to Exchange : April